Varhhorn (Russia. Ural Black Metal)

Winter 1997-98, the awakening.

2000 - Record album "Vookhoo The Raven" release issued on "Possesion" productions (BLR).

2004 - 2007 the band was inactive.

2009 - recording their second album "Labyrinth of Darkness", a release issued on "Cold Breath Of Silence" productions (RUS).

In 2011, preparing a third album.


The original name of the band written in Cyrillic - ВАРХХОРН. English version of the name allows for writing - Varhorn \ Varhhorn.



Zlav - Drums & Vocals


Satania - Lyrics (Преисподняя)

MMM "aka MortumMaximumMraz" - Vocals (Велеентор)

Senn - Guitar (Nuclear Winter, Кали Юга)

Eirich - Guitar

Michail Kontorovich - Recording

Eugenia Bobryakova - assistant engineer

Carcass - Images

Volgast - Bass (Валгалла)

Heroin - Bass (Nuclear Winter, Валгалла, Велеентор)

Mor Dagnir - Bass (Валгалла, Nuclear Winter)

Genocide "aka Prinz Eugen" - Guitar (Ересь)

Thunderer - Guitar (Меркнет)

Ingwar - Bass (Moonfog Darkness, Orion)

Vadana - Vocal cover version  (Nihilist) 

Arirey Yom - Guitar 

Satyrus Mortem - Images (ЯРНЪ, Меркнет)

Nokkr - bas (Меркнет)


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